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Welcome to Keystone Valuations! As a distinguished provider in the commercial and special asset appraisal industry, we understand that our excellence is driven by the expertise, innovation, and teamwork of our employees. Here at Keystone, you're not just joining a company; you're becoming a vital part of a dynamic team that values your growth and contribution. We're committed to fostering a supportive environment where motivated and forward-thinking individuals can thrive and make a real impact.

Join us and help shape the future of valuations, while advancing your career with a leader in the industry!

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The commercial appraisal industry focuses on providing valuation services for commercial properties, which can include office buildings, retail stores, industrial sites, and multifamily residential buildings. As a commercial appraiser, you play a crucial role in determining the value of these properties based on various factors such as location, condition, market trends, and revenue potential.

Entering the commercial appraisal industry can be a rewarding career choice if you enjoy a mix of analytical tasks, fieldwork, and continuous learning. It's a field that offers both challenges and opportunities to make a significant impact in the real estate and financial sectors.

Here's what you should know about the industry if you're considering a career in it:

Every day is different in the life of a commercial appraiser. You might spend one day visiting a new property and another day conducting in-depth market research or preparing appraisal reports. This role involves a combination of fieldwork and office-based analysis, making it a good fit for those who dislike monotonous desk jobs.

Success in this field requires strong analytical skills to assess information and make accurate valuations. You’ll also need to be adept at researching market data, zoning laws, and economic trends that influence property values.

Most regions require commercial appraisers to be licensed or certified, which typically involves completing specific education courses, gaining experience under a certified appraiser, and passing an examination. Continuous education is also a part of the profession to stay updated with changing regulations and market dynamics.

While much of the work is analytical, interpersonal skills are crucial. You’ll need to effectively communicate your findings to clients, interact with property owners, and sometimes testify as an expert in legal settings.

The industry offers significant growth potential. With experience, you can move from junior appraiser roles to senior positions, handling more complex or high-value properties. There are also opportunities for specialization in certain types of commercial properties or in consultancy roles.

Your work will have a direct impact on real estate transactions, investment decisions, and property development projects. Accurate appraisals are vital for financial institutions, investment groups, and businesses that rely on property as a key asset.

Available Positions:

Commercial Analyst
Keystone Valuations · Alpharetta, GA
Salaried Position | Hybrid | Full-time
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Production Team Intern
Keystone Valuations · Alpharetta, GA
Paid Internship | Hybrid | Part Time (24-32 hrs)
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"As an inspector, I am able to travel the country, design my own schedule, and gain hands-on experience. I am incredibly grateful for sense of freedom and flexibility here which allows me to lead a fulfilling and balanced life."


I'm grateful to be able to work with people who both care about me as an employee and are also committed to doing excellent work. It is rewarding to be on a team with that kind of dynamic!"


"I truly appreciate the collaborative environment here at Keystone. The leadership team is very supportive and caring, empowering me to maintain a healthy work-life balance. I am constantly presented with opportunities to learn and challenge myself."


Experienced Commercial Appraisers

Experienced commercial appraisers considering joining Keystone Valuations can expect to encounter a variety of career opportunities, especially as the company aligns with significant growth potential, the integration of AI technologies, and responsiveness to current industry trends.

By joining Keystone Valuations, experienced commercial appraisers not only elevate their careers but also contribute to shaping the appraisal industry through innovative practices and a commitment to adapting to and leading industry trends.

Here’s a detailed look at the potential career paths and advancements at Keystone Valuations:

Keystone Valuations is well-positioned to leverage AI in enhancing appraisal accuracy and efficiency. Appraisers can contribute to or lead initiatives focused on developing AI-driven tools for data analysis and property valuation, positioning themselves as tech-savvy leaders in the appraisal industry.

With the company’s expansion, there are numerous opportunities for experienced appraisers to ascend to leadership positions such as team leaders, project managers, or department heads. These roles involve strategic oversight and could influence Keystone Valuations’ growth trajectory and service offerings.

As Keystone Valuations grows, appraisers can specialize in emerging segments like sustainable real estate, which includes renewable energy and energy efficiency valuations. This specialization is in line with industry trends that emphasize sustainability and eco-friendly building practices.

The company recognizes the importance of continuous learning and development. All appraisers on the Keystone team benefit from the 80+ years of expertise in the leadership team, specifically in niche appraisal areas. Experienced appraisers can also take on roles that involve training less experienced staff, ensuring the entire team stays abreast of industry standards and the latest technological tools.

Keystone Valuations deals with complex, high-value commercial properties and development projects. Experienced appraisers could become key consultants, providing insights that influence significant investment decisions and contributing to industry panels that shape market practices.

For appraisers interested in nation-wide experience, Keystone Valuations’ ambitions may involve expanding into new geographic markets. This would offer appraisers the chance to work on projects around the country, dealing with diverse property markets and regulations.

Available Positions:

Experienced Commercial Appraiser
Keystone Valuations · Alpharetta, GA
Hybrid / Full-time | Base Salary + Commission Structure
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Appraisal Manager
(CG and 5+ years at CG level required)
Keystone Valuations · Alpharetta, GA

Hybrid / Full-time | Base Salary + Bonus Structure
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"Keystone is a growing force to be reckoned with. In my experience, where most small companies fall short is in their ability to be adaptable to the ever-changing industries (especially real estate) and Keystone does that best! The leadership and team work together regularly to determine the best course of action for the short-term and long-term obstacles and goals to continue creating internal efficiencies and to constantly improve the product provided to their clients.

Keystone’s culture is the defined by the understood need for a work-life balance for people in all areas of their lives. With flexible schedules, tailored communication needs, and an open-door policy, each employee can truly have it all. The high-level of experience from the leaders and the mentoring provided allows me to be challenged, but supported on new aspects of real estate valuation, thus increasing my own knowledge of the field and its idiosyncrasies."


"Working at Keystone is a gratifying experience primarily due to the emphasis the company places on building culture. I get the opportunity to work in a collaborative environment with a team that genuinely cares about each other. Moreover, the company’s commitment to developing its people is evident and provides a myriad of growth opportunities. What truly excites me is the clear vision the company has for career progression, providing a roadmap that aligns individual aspirations with organizational goals. This vision casting not only instills confidence in my current role but also fuels my enthusiasm for the long-term journey ahead."


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